Equity Research

Blackhorse Analytics conducts research studies on investment strategies and stock market anomalies to provide insights for active equity management. We use a data-intensive approach to investment decision making, relying on sophisticated proprietary databases to evaluate the performance of investment methodologies, and to produce ongoing research and stock selection tools.

Our research identifies key factors of outperformance and underperformance. We identify robust stock selection factors and develop dynamic investment strategies to exploit market conditions and to help manage risk.

Our research publications include:

  • The Quant Monitor: The Quant Monitor is a monthly publication that provides a comprehensive analysis of investment strategies and their returns, and explains the sources of performance for given time periods. We regularly monitor hundreds of fundamental and macroeconomic stock selection factors. Using our proprietary research database, we utilize more than 40 of these factors to thoroughly analyze the performance of various stock universes and sectors. Our analysis not only summarizes recent and historical performance, but also identifies predictive factors for further study and use. The Quant Monitor will help guide you to understanding what works and what does not.
  • Quant Views: Quant Views is a more frequent look at the investment strategies and factors currently providing excess returns. In Quant Views, we provide insight into what’s working now. In addition, we provide actionable investment ideas, highlighting short- to medium-term expectations.
  • Quantitative Insights and Research Notes: Quantitative Insights and Research Notes are periodic in-depth research publications and special reports that focus on timely financial topics, technical issues which impact quantitative investment management, and Blackhorse Analytics’ research findings.

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