Products & Services Overview

Blackhorse Analytics provides active professional investors with quantitative equity research and robust stock selection models to help them make better investment decisions. Our primary objectives are to deliver actionable investment insights, systematically identify stock selection strategies that outperform the market, and help our clients improve their investment decision process.

Our quantitative research identifies key predictive factors and offers actionable insights for active equity management. We disseminate our research findings via our publications: The Quant MonitorQuantitative Insights, and Research Notes.

Leveraging our quantitative research, we provide multifactor stock selection models developed using sound economic principles and sophisticated modeling techniques. Our models offer the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns across a variety of investment strategies and time horizons. We analyze over 7,000 domestic stocks on a daily basis and create an investable subset of this universe containing stocks that are realistically liquid for institutional investors.

Drawing on our extensive experience designing, testing, and implementing customized quantitative investment solutions, we provide a wide range of personalized quantitative services for investment professionals to help systematically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your investment process. Spend less time “crunching numbers” and more time making decisions.