Stock Selection Models

Blackhorse Analytics dynamic U.S. stock selection models combine strong quantitative processes with fundamental investment principles and current market characteristics to identify stocks with the potential to generate significant excess return. Our models are based on sound economic principles, and are robust across sectors and market cycles.

Currently, we analyze over 7,000 domestic stocks on a daily basis. We create an investable subset of this universe containing stocks that are realistically liquid for institutional investors.

Blackhorse Analytics stock selection models can be used in several important ways:

  • As an analytical screen for new investment ideas – identify the best and worst stocks, industries, and sectors.
  • As a consistent opinion on stocks in your investment universe – providing an independent second opinion for your own or others’ research.
  • As an input to make actual buy, sell, and hold decisions in your portfolio – whether bottom-up with individual stocks, or top-down by industry or sector.
  • As an alpha factor or overlay for input into your own multifactor models – save time and add value with proven stock selection factors.

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